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Offering Equity Positions on Lucrative

Real Estate Renovation & Adaptive Reuse projects.

Backstreet Capital


BackStreet Capital specializes in the search and acquisition of highly distressed and/or undervalued Real Estate.  We then upgrade or renovate these properties to a level that will be most attractive to an in-house purchasing client base or to the general retail market. Because our purchase and renovation costs are predetermined, our offerings provide for an extremely high likelihood of a profitable venture upon resale of the property.

BackStreet Capital will utilize its Clients investment dollars for the acquisition and rehab of these property.  A high percentage rate of return &/or Equity Position is pre-determined and agreed upon.  

The determining factors as to the Return Offering will depend on the interest and goals of the investor as well as the complexity, hold time, and the projected return on a specific project.  It is important for our clients to understand that their investment is typically secured with the property itself.  By issuing a security note on the property, this approach not only provides a means of securing the investment dollars, but it also puts the investor in a first position to get paid (Investment and ROI) at the closing of the property to a new owner


BackStreet Capital’s office is located in the Metro Atlanta area, one of the premier markets in the United States for growth and investment Real Estate.  And through our association with a network of highly knowledgeable wholesalers, Realtors, and investors, it would not be unusual for us to present an opportunity most anywhere in the United States.  Currently, we are actively pursuing  opportunities in the Atlanta, Ga, Chattanooga, Tn,  and Jacksonville, Fl markets.

The focus of our search and acquisition includes the following Types of Properties:

1) Adaptive re-use (conversion of an older industrial building into a residential or commercial “loft” environment.)

2) Single family homes

3) Multi-family homes:  Both rental and condo environments.

4) Commercial office and retail spac

Our Primary Goal . . .

is in cultivating and developing long-term, profitable relationships with investors by providing a safe, highly profitable environment for placement of their investment dollars.  Many of our Clients are typically looking for a safe investment vehicle which will return a solid and consistent short-term return on their investment dollar.  A much greater return may be realized with involvement in our Adaptive Reuse Projects.  The hold time is longer, the investment larger, but profits are substantually greater.  Our investment and development opportunities are internally generated, as well as sourced through our national associations .

Our Client Base

Through our owner's relationship with 7 Real Estate Management Services, ( our Client base is international in scope with current clients residing in the United States, The Netherlands, Japan, Ghana, Taiwan, and Israel to name a few.  

Our Guidlines for Success

1)  If we can't purchase, renovate, and sell profitably at a level 5-10% below market price . . . we don't purchase.  

2)  Adaptive Reuse Projects:  Stated in all of our Purchase and Sale Agreements, is the provision that provides for a minimum 90-day due diligence period with one unilaterial 30-day extension allowance.

3)  We are NOT is a hurry to purchase property for the sake of purchasing (or spending our Clients money).  Our investment parameters are not negotiable.  If a property does not fit within our investment parameters, we do not purchase.  

Contact Us for a Confidential Conversation

It is our goal and focus to provide a secure, consistent, above average ROI for our Clients.  We fully understand that it is the fulfilment of our promise and our performance that keeps our investor relationships strong.  

 Please feel comfortable in contacting Jay Silliman directly.  He will make himself available to answer questions or to address specific concerns.   We look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

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